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This blog shares my journey in search of success in both running and research while I teach at a small liberal arts college with a significant teaching and advising load. Like many others in my position, I struggle with finding a balance with the many facets of my job: research, teaching, advising, committees, and departmental assignments. Frequently I realize that something, typically research, has taken a backseat. 

Running is my release, my outlet, my saving grace.  I also strive for personal success on the roads, trails and track. Finding time for running is important not only for personal bests, but also sanity in my work-life. (I'm blessed that my husband, pets, and home bring happiness to my personal life.)

Since I cannot add more hours to the day, I continue my journey in search of the balance that makes me the best teacher, adviser, researcher and runner that I can be.  In sharing my journey with others I hope to gather advice from more experienced folks, share that advice with others, and hold myself accountable.