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Monday, May 21, 2012

Zurich and Italy: Research and running week #2, Part 1

May 8th was our last day in Lucerne and my goal was to find the local track for a workout before we left. This track is well known for the amazing view of Mount Pilatus along the homestretch. The track hosts one of the Euro Meeting International Track and Field events each year. Last year's results show Walter Dix winning the 200 in 20.02, Dwight Thomas winning the 110 hurdles in 13.29, Alice Schmidt going sub 2:00 in the 800 to best Maggie Vessey and Delilah Dicrescenzo getting third in the 3,000 steeple (9:42). Obviously a high quality meet and a track that I wanted to run on.

Warm-up with Mt. Pilatus
Football arena next door
Checking the map from the hotel I found that the track was only 2K from where we were! Perfect for a short warm-up, workout and back to get the bus for Milan. The warm-up was rather uneventful (only worried that I was lost once), although beautiful.

The track is next to a large soccer (football) stadium that opened last year, replacing an older stadium at the same site. To my delight, the track was open to the public! On I went.

Just as I read, Mt. Pilatus looks over the home stretch and offers a breathtaking view. Coach Tom had a nasty workout for me (reps with "float" recoveries), so the distraction of Pilatus and the thought of toeing the line where superstars have done the same was much appreciated.

I got back to the hotel with enough time to change and head to the bus. Our bus driver Giuseppe showed mad skills in maneuvering his machine through the narrow, cobbled streets of Lucerne and on to the highways. We were off to Milan! Switzerland was magnificent. I highly recommend a visit to anyone.

Pilatus on the homestretch
Be back with more soon from the fashion capital of the world,


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